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Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number Baby!

Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number Baby!

You’re being a bit too literal Kevin Heart…

To be more specific, it is NEVER too late to do what you have always wanted to do…

Let me tell you a fantastic story that might make you change your tune about it “being too late.”

My Aunt Carol has been taking my cousin Michael to Taekwondo lessons for many years. She always sat on the sidelines cheering him on and loving every minute of it. But throughout those years, she began to develop an interest in the sport beyond her sons. Could I do this? She wondered. Am I too old? Well she answered her own questions by just doing it

(This is my Aunt Carol holding a certificate for receiving her brown belt!)

Aunt Carol put her age aside and is quite literally kicking ass! So what is stopping you from your dream? Are you in the wrong career? Does it suck the life out of you and make you just live for the weekend? Are you actually Peter Gibbons from Office Space?

Well let me just say it again…it’s never too late!

I have another fun story for you about someone you can actually relate to. My friend Kelly is an amazing person who was really good at her job and actually enjoyed it. But it came to a point where she was not fulfilled in her career. She decided to take a huge risk, leave this awesome job, and totally switch careers! Her words are better than mine when explaining her situation…

Something in me woke up when I turned 30 and told me it was time to grow a set and go for it. Science always scared the shit out of me, so I put a dream of mine in my deep subconscious and went for the easy way out. No regrets though, I’ve had fun and made some of my most solid friendships and relationships out of it. But I’m terrified and excited to announce I’ve been accepted to Holy Family’s accelerated nursing program, starting in January. I’ll have a BSN in my hand in March 2019 and I have never been more excited. And petrified. I can’t wait to save people, to learn and this program just seemed to be the perfect fit.”

Congrats Kelly! I support you and your dreams!

My point of telling you these stories are because they are relatable. I could tell you a million and one stories about famous actors or athletes that never gave up, but could you personally relate to Michael Jordan or Oprah? It’s amazing what they have done, but I’m not trying to be the best in the world at anything….

I personally feel as though some of the reasons we aren’t living our dreams is because we think we should have arrived at them by a certain time.

But why do we feel this way? A great example is that most of us feel like when we graduate high school, we have to go to college, get a degree in 4 years,obtain a career, and we’re set. Sounds easy right? NOT!

(I took the alternate path and didn’t graduate until I was 27)

We are all supposed to know at the age of 17 or 18 what we want to do for the rest of our lives? Some do, and that is freaking amazing! I have a ton of friends who always have known what they wanted to do and have successful careers and I am so proud of them. But at the same time, I felt slightly envious. I’ve always known I was creative, loved to write, and make people laugh, but never really felt like I had pinpointed a career, nor did I feel like I had any kind of path to follow.

But maybe it was a good thing that I didn’t have a specific path, so I could create my own. I mean, my path was full of potholes, red lights, and waiting for ducks to cross, but hey it was a path. And maybe if I had forced myself to follow a specific path because I felt like I had to, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I remember when I went back to school I had posted something on Facebook about getting an A on a test, I was super proud of myself. Later that day, I saw someone I had graduated high school with post something along the lines of “Why are you guys still bragging about grades, we all graduated college years ago!” At first, this made me feel small, silly for posting my grade, and slightly ashamed for being back in school so late. But why? Why do we have to all graduate at the same time? Get jobs at the same time? Accomplish our biggest goals at the same time?

Isn’t it kind of fabulous to learn through this thing called life, so when we do shoot for the moon we actually get there? And WE are the ones that discover that it is made of cheese? And not those who made fun of us who are still sitting around their boring jobs watching us discover that the moon is made of cheese? 

When you think about the time we are living in right now, we have so many opportunities at our fingertips. We can teach ourselves things from watching YouTube videos, we can educate ourselves through Ted Talks, we have access to all kinds of fascinating information. So what are you waiting for?

Stop making excuses, you’re as young as feel, you can do it put your back into it 😉



Don’t Call It a Comeback! You’ve been here for years.


Don’t Lose Your Dinosaur

Don’t Lose Your Dinosaur

As children, most of us couldn’t wait to grow up. All we wanted to do was be tall enough to ride the ride or old enough to drive a car. Or, if you were me, you were counting down the days until your 21st birthday…

But, it seemed that with each milestone reached, the more serious life became and we slowly enjoyed less of what made being a child so wonderful…being carefree.

Carefree or gay…either way…either way is fine…

When we got our license, we worried about what people would think of the car we drove…

When we graduated high school we immediately had to make a career choice. What would people think of the path we chose?

What an incredible rush we were in to get to these points in our lives, and what a shame that some of those milestones lost their luster due to our worry about what others thought of us. But don’t worry! I have some good news! There are still plenty of milestones to reach, and plenty more chances not to give a rat’s ass what people think!

Ask yourself this…what revs your engine? What makes you feel on top of the world? What is something you have always enjoyed no matter what? Don’t lose that! It could be as simple as playing the harmonica, being part of a team, or dancing….

When life sucks, it’s because we lost what revs our engine, tickles our pickle, or lights our fire. We get too busy and we care too much. So do yourself a favor, make the time to do the weird thing that makes you happy, and care less about the reaction from others to your weird.

Take the time, even when it feels like you can’t spare a moment. You will be glad you did. More often than not, I have to put out the effort to make the time, and 100% of the time I’m glad I did.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re bored, you tend to do something boring like watch TV? It’s easy to plop on the couch and click passed 100 commercials to finally land on a winner like “Real Housewives of Who Gives a Shit.” Instead of wasting time this way, put out that effort to do something you love! Were you a football player in high school and miss the game? Throw a god damn football!

Miss the old days when you used to sing baritone for the Tone Rangers? Well get your ass off the couch and tank tank tank with the best of them!

It’s ultimately up to you to get your groove back Stella! And I just know you can do it 🙂

Another reason for this…as if you needed another…is to be an example to others, especially your kids. Personally, I try to do more rather than talk more. For the longest time, I felt like I was drilling into my daughter what she was capable of. To take the bull by the horns and to stop her self doubt. But, then I thought to myself, am I relaying this message to her through my actions? Or am I just telling her all of these things and expecting her to believe them. 

Since that “aha” moment, I try my hardest to walk the walk with my freak flag flying high. She may be embarrassed of me when she’s older. But, my hope is that she sees my weird as confident, and that she takes notice of me enjoying life.

I bet you thought “Don’t Lose Your Dinosaur” was just a silly quote from Step Brothers I used…

Well, think again…

(That is me as a Dinosaur with my two awesome kids!)

And don’t just apply this to what you have already done. Think big! What have you always wanted to do but never had the guts to try? What have you talked yourself out of doing for fear of others reaction? I already know you’re getting excited just thinking about it…

Don’t let fear stop you. Just do it. It doesn’t have to be monumental, start small. And remember when I said earlier that I wanted to show my daughter through action instead of words? Well, I’m going to do that here also! I have a list of goals I want to accomplish. Some are big and some are small, but I am going to put it all out there for you. When I said we were on this journey together I meant it…

Throughout the month I am going to display for you an example of walking the walk instead of just talking the talk…or blogging the blog…So be on the look out for my first video of the journey to my goal! Here’s a hint… I mentioned this right above Elaine’s awesome dance moves!

And remember my friends, when it feels like you’re always stuck in second gear..when it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year. Always know, I’ll be there for you…

Keep checking in for encouragement for your journey, to be a spectator for mine, or to meet me in the middle to start your own happy.