About Me

About Me

“Be brave enough to start, smart enough to finish, but the happiest in between.”

If you need a reminder that it’s possible, you’re at the right place. If you want motivation from a peer, need to take a breather through the chaos, or would enjoy random bits of humorous encouragement, then welcome to your happy place.

Happy Middles was built to be an encouraging environment to keep you motivated through the random crap that brings you down. When someone, or something, trips the pep in your step. When there’s 10,000 spoons and all you need is a knife. When it rains on your wedding day. Or, whatever Alanis Morissette or life throws at you, here is where you can get help to stay encouraged.

I’m Jess, and I’m living proof that you can get what you’ve always wanted and never thought possible.

But I’m not perfect. There are still things I am striving towards and want to change.Basically, I’m right there with you; I’m still learning. I’ve overcome many obstacles that have proven to me that remaining positive is a key component in finding and keeping your Happy Middle.

Happy Middles started with a passion for writing that I’ve had since I learned to put a sentence together.

In the 3rd grade I started my own “series” about a weird girl named Wendy Maple that always got caught up in bizarre shenanigans (kind of like 3rd grade me). Although, I’ve always had the passion, it wasn’t until 6 years  ago that I realized what I was capable of. I’ve always had dreams, but seemed to talk myself out of them. I was my own worst enemy, until I became a mom to Lucy. She relit the passion in me. Lucy made me want to make my dreams a reality and constantly crush goals to be the ultimate example to her.

Now, I am a mom of two, which only made that fire grow larger. This massive flame has made me want to show my kids that they can do anything they want instead of just telling them. And I feel like I’m on fire…

I’ve learned that often times it takes a ton of courage to start the journey and strength to finish. But, what’s most crucial is your attitude in between.


So if you sometimes let self doubt derail you, or you just need perspective from an imperfect person also on the journey to happy…let’s meet in the middle…Happy Middles to be exact.


This site is inspired by the Shel Silverstein poem “Happy Ending?”


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